Health: podiatrist footballers, damage from hot and tight boots, serves prevention

Rome, June 13 (Reuters) – Mushrooms, blistering and damage to nails. They are the nightmares that can hit the ‘precious’ feet of professional players on the field when the temperature starts to increase wildly. Pitfalls limb, for those who make the support on the lower parts the trump card for feints and quick shot, I can be more painful than expected. “Dermatological problems like calluses or broken nails for those who make a sport like football as an amateur or professional are very common – explains Pierluigi Gennari, podiatrist of the Italian national football team – and often related to shod boots very tight. A habit from experts who can cause trauma to the nails
with the formation of blood.”

“These problems can affect heterogeneously footballers – says Gennari Adnkronos Salute – often depends on the anatomy of the limb. Some ‘top player’ have never had
trouble in his career, others are affected more often, coming to suffer from plantar fasciitis or tendinitis. Phenomena – continues – that may occur because it is football tradition scarpino use one with a half number smaller for greater touch sensitivity. The fungi, however, can occur because the athletes they wash very, but often, they dry quickly. And a foot wet is a basin for these organisms. “.

A warning not to be ignored in the case of the foot is the link with the posture. “At the start of football season – warns the podiatrist – evaluating anatomically and functionally, with the examination baropodometric, limb, thanks to the findings of the pressure that this exerts on the ground when standing or walking. In this way we can see if there are issues and act now. “ The examination baropodometric helps the medical staff of the team to avoid inconveniences worst during the season, because it allows the installation of a foot and a better distribution of the load during the match. Or, you can also adjust the shoe, correct deformities functional and thus improve the tolerance of the athlete to his congenital deformities. But what to do if ‘jump’ the nail? “In case of bleeding should be drained – meets the podiatrist – but, contrary to what you may think, the player can continue playing. The important is prevention, which should be done in anticipation of the discovery of these phenomena. While – continues – against fungi you have to keep your feet dry, especially so in the spaces between the fingers. They can also help socks ‘ad hoc’, useful against the blisters.

Source: Yahoo Notizie

November 4, 2013

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