Interview with Pierluigi Gennari - Source: BBC – Milan (July 2, 2013)

Prepare the “precious” work instruments against damage and pitfalls of the profession against blisters, calluses and trauma to the nails. It’s what they have to do professional footballers with their feet before the summer retreats preseason, which will start next week. “The first thing to do is prepare the skin of the foot to prevent blisters at the beginning of the summer training explains to Adnkronos Health Pierluigi Gennari, podiatrist AC Milan and the Italian national of calcium using creams ‘ad hoc’ for make the skin soft and supple. A prevention work – precisa – that must precede the most intense phase of the training, the majority of joint effort, to avoid, for example, painful
blisters. “

 Baropodometric test - “Almost all the ‘big’ in the Italian top flight – he adds – do a health check of the foot, even with the baropodometric test to check for the presence of posture problems, because they can not afford to have – osserva- an ‘ailment earlier in the season. But few are really careful and accurate throughout the year. “ This kind of attention to the feet, according to the expert, should be kept in mind by those who practice endurance sports such as marathon runners. “To improve the elasticity of the skin and treat joint, often under thermal stress and physical-adds also protects against injury from rubbing, so prevalent in runners.”

ALARM - An alarm bell not to be overlooked in the case of the foot is the link with the posture. “At the start of football season – warns the podiatrist – evaluating anatomically and functionally, with the examination baropodometric, the lower limb, thanks to the findings of the pressure that this exerts on the ground when standing or walking. This way we can tell if there are problems and act now. “ “The postural problems can affect heterogeneously footballers – emphasizes Gennari – often depend on the anatomy of the limb. Some ‘top player’ have never had trouble in his career, others are affected more often, coming to suffer fasciitis plantar or tendonitis. Phenomena – proseguethat may arise also because it is football tradition scarpino use one with a half number smaller for greater sensitivity to touch. The fungi, however, can occur because the athletes they wash a lot, but often dry quickly. And a foot wet is a cradle for these organisms.”
July 2, 2013

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