Summer: podiatrist, pools and showers hidden pitfalls invisible

Rome, July 2 (Reuters) – Smooth, deflated and lightweight. And ‘This is the identikit of the foot healthy. But with the arrival of warm also increase the pitfalls, especially if you still wear closed shoes, you do sports or do not pay attention to some places at risk, such as swimming pools or showers for bathing. Lurking mycosis and warts.
“Never think to solve the problems facing the feet, warts, fungus until the blisters with DIY – says Adnkronos Salute Pierluigi Gennari, podiatrist AC Milan and the Italian national football – because it is the best weapon always prevention. A check-up every 6-12 months is the right choice. “

“With summer some public places such as swimming pools or public showers – adds the expert – can hide the pitfalls, which combined with a lowering of the immune stressed from long winter carry the fungus.” Common are those caused by the ringworm fungus that is localized initially between the toes. It is common, especially in summer, when the heat favors the maceration of the skin, making it defenseless against attacks. Transmission occurs through contact with the floor of the swimming pools or in damp places.
To combat these enemies of the health of the foot “if, for example, the nail tends to change color or come loose, it is good to a mycological examination of the foot to see what kind of fungus is present. Only then you can switch to a targeted intervention . Beware though – he said – to the many ointments advertised on television for the treatment of mycosis, counter products are wideranging – ends – not very effective in cases difficult and specific. “
July 5, 2013

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