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Treatment of warts


Treatment of warts

The wart is blistering of the skin due to the HPV human papillomavirus. The virus is usually transmitted by close superficial contact (so the virus is inactive in the blood) in large crowds such as shower, gym and swimming pools.

Warts appear on the soles of the feet and usually interrupt lines that we have on the foot skin; they also could produce dark spots.

In our medical center, we treat warts within several methods:

  • Non-inhibited fuming nitric acid: application of non-inhibited fuming at 67% nitric acid that speeds up the wart’s ripening period
  • Keratolytic preparations: application of salicylic acid that speeds up the wart’s ripening period
  • Cryotherapy (Cryopen Nitrous oxide): freezing of the wart
  • Laser therapy

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