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The plantar orthosis is a medical device entirely custom-made useful to correct and/or compensate a foot problem

Biomechanical Orthotics

The goal of the (functional) biomechanical orthotics is to determine, following the most accredited biomechanical theories of the scientific literature, an optimization of the dynamic pattern that allows an improvement of foot anomalies. Biomechanical orthotics are generally made of rigid but also thin materials (carbon and polypropylene with a millimeter thickness) adaptable to any type of shoe

Accomodative Orthotics

The accomodative orthotics are pleasant to wear because they are generally made of soft materials (thermoformable EVA, latex, polyurethane foam such as leavening insoles) that determine an optimization of the pressure load in the most total comfort and in respect of the foot structure, not being excessively invasive

Half-Functional Or Hybrid Orthotics

The goal of this foot orthosis is to correct the foot system, however using softer materials to avoid excessive pushes or stimuli

Proprioceptive Orthotics 

By completely distorting the orthopedic vision of the footbed made of excessive rises and wedges, the proprioceptive orthotics represent a tool for strengthening and stimulating the postural tonic system. We, therefore, move from a biomechanical conception of the orthotics with mechanical wedges of the vault, (which acting on the "structure" has as its ultimate goal the search for an anatomically perfect condition of the axes of the lower limb for motor optimization) to a different conception, in which simple and small stimuli that do not exceed 3mm (activating the direct myotatic reflex) placed in some regions at the plantar level, re-harmonize and rebalance the body structure thus improving efficiency and motor as well as postural performance

To implement the antalgic effect of the foot orthosis, in some cases the therapy may be adjusted by the application of Neuromuscular taping

Neuromuscular taping (TNM) is a method based on the natural healing process of the body.

Muscles aren’t just tied to body movements, but also to the control of venous and lymphatic fluid’s circulation and body temperature.

This treatment is ideal for muscle, nerve and organ care, in post-traumatic situations or just to improve sports performance.

Muscles are treated with an “elastic tape” that lets a complete muscle and articular movement and actives body’s defense by increasing healing abilities.

Using neuromuscular taping offers to the podiatrist the opportunity to take a new approach that is at the same time innovative, non-invasive and non-medicinal; this method attacks the nub of the problem completing the therapy and giving to the patient the possibility of an alternative treatment efficient and localized

Podiatric Services

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