The podiatry is a branch of medicine that focuses on feet’s healthcare and diseases. The healthcare professional who treats problems of the feet is the “Podiatrist”.

Dr. Pierluigi Gennari specializes in sports podiatry, treatment of hyperkeratosis, onychocryptosis, single or multiple warts, and in nail rehabilitation. He uses only sterile instruments. 

Pierluigi Gennari Podologo

In our medical center we do, more than basic podiatric treatment, also the baropodometric examination of postural disorders. The baropodometric analysis is an objective measurement of foot’s pressure in both static and dynamic situations. The “Baropodometro elettronico” consists of a baropodometric platform that records all the pressure phases. In our medical center, we also do custom-made plantar orthosis and orthosis of silicone. The orthoses is a custom-made instrument useful for correct a foot problem. Orthosis are created for specific situations like a daily path or sports session. Orthosis of silicone is the instrument that tries to put back in position toes that over the course of time have suffered strong alteration (as bunion, mallet toe, “dita a grief”) in order to reduce pain. 


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