The podiatrist sports

The sports podiatrist is a health specialized professional who can treat biomechanical and postural disease and take care of sports feet skin

The podiatrist can act both for amateur or professionally level: wherever sporting activities could influence and stress articulations and muscle, the podiatrist also acts whenever those things could restrict the sporting gesture

The sports podiatrist could act in many parts during the athlete’s performance, starting with the preparation to arrive to the sports competition itself, passing by feet movement during sports activities

The podiatrist sports


The podiatrist, during his work, can treat the problems with preventive orthoses (essentials in sports podiatry) in order to improve and enhance the athletes’ performance. And that’s where Dr. Pierluigi Gennari, before podiatrist of the Italian national football and now official podiatrist of F.C. Juventus and A.C. Milan, offers a specialist treatment in accordance with his overall competence.

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