Dr. Pierluigi Gennari

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Dr. Pierluigi Gennari

Dr. Pierluigi Gennari has been the Podiatrist of the Italian national football team from 1998 to 2016, currently the official podiatrist of AC Milan and Juventus.
Graduated in Podiatric Medicine from the University of Bologna, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Master’s degree in Sports Podiatry, he practices as a Podiatrist in his medical center located in Rome in Via dei Gracchi 187. From 1998 to 2016 he collaborated with the Italian Football Federation with the qualification of the Podiatrist of the Italian National Football Team (also of the minor national teams).
From 2017 to 2018 he collaborated with the following Chinese teams: Jiangsu Suning F.C. and Guangzhou Evergrande TaoBao F.C. (2018); Tianjin Quanjian F.C. (2017).
Since 2005 he is the official Podiatrist of the A.C. MILAN S.p.A.
In 2006 he joined the Italian National World Champion.
Master in Sports Podiatry (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart).
Since 2014 he is the official podiatrist of Juventus FC.

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Podiatry is a branch of medical science that focuses on health, well-being and foot disorders. The health worker who deals with foot problems is the podiatrist

 Dr Gennari is a specialist in the treatment of hyperkeratosis (calluses), onychocryptosis (ingrown nails), in the treatment of single and multiple warts, and plantar orthosis. The instruments used are completely sterile 

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